Fishing has been consistent as of late with the walleye bite being the slowest overall bite. Most walleyes can be  caught this time of the year by trolling bottom bouncers with a spinner rig and crawlers, trolling crankbaits along the weedlines and points or trolling live bait rigs with creek chubs or nightcrawlers. 

Pike and bass fishing has been consistent. Bass can be found on the weedlines, in the mid range weeds or up in the slop. Fun time of year to fish bass as they can be caught in the whole water column. Pike can be found on the weedlines as well as in the cabbage and coontail beds. Spinnerbaits, chatterbaits, spoons or live bait rigs with a sucker minnow seem to be producing the most fish. 

Crappies are hit and miss this time of the year. Lot's of fish school up and suspend over deep water but there is always a fishable population in the cabbage beds. 

The panfish bite has been the best and most consistent. Schools can be found on the deep weedline, in the cabbage or coontail beds or anywhere shade can be found (trees, docks, shoreline edges)


Good luck to all and tight lines!